Monday, 13 January 2014

Data Colection Stops after some time SHR 9.30

On SHR 9.30 i had an issue. Data collection is getting stoped every now and then. Raised a case with HP on this and they found this as a know issue.

If you are having similar issue check for the below error

2013-12-29 11:20:25,380 ERROR, com.hp.bto.bsmr.collection.utils.RollingFileWriter.forceFlush , Error in flushing file C:\HP-SHR\PMDB/extract/\ALL_VIEWS_0_cmdbviews_0_584358474342500.csv This instance of the CsvWriter class has already been closed.

if this is the case there is hotfix available for this . Please be in touch HP support for the hot fix


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